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Ameen warns of political scavengers

Ameen warns of political scavengers

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Khadijah Ameen

UNC Chaguanas West candidate Khadijah Ameen is warning constituents to beware of political scavengers who prey on their personal tragedies. Ameen, backed by some 14 government MPs and addressing a crowd of more than 4,000 at the Chaguanas Government Primary School, said: “Don’t let anyone give you a little $200 from their pocket and make you feel you owe them for life.

“Do not let anyone use your circumstances for their own selfish political ambitions. They will come and meet your sick mother. They will come in your family’s funeral. They will cry with you. “Do not let these political scavengers prey on your personal tragedies.” One of Ameen’s rivals in the Chaguanas West July 29 by-election is Jack Warner, the former MP, who resigned and is recontesting the seat with his own party, the Independent Liberal Party.

She reminded constituents there were government programmes to assist the less fortunate, like home repair grants of up to $10,000. Fire victims could get materials to repair their homes immediately and those who had lost loved ones could receive as much as $7,000 in funeral grants, it was stated. Ameen said her support had been growing every day… “more constituents are coming back home…” and she was confident of victory.

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, addressing the crowd, announced there were 16 Christians, 11 Hindus and four Muslims in the People’s Partnership Government. His disclosure of the religions of government MPs came after he recalled the PNM had three decades of uninterrupted rule, from 1956 to 1986, and could not find a single Hindu to put as prime minister. He asked the crowd: “You want to go back to being invisible? A vote for ‘I love paisa’ is a vote for the PNM.”

The AG’s announcement of the religious backgrounds of the government MPs also followed a recent T&T Guardian report that Nation of Islam local representative David Muhammad had said the Government was a “Hindu government.”

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