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Iaminpolitics launched this site for the entire world, bringing you up to date news on and about politics. We accept articles from any individual or organization from around the world to publish on our websites and newsletters. Your article will be used to educate the world on the principles of politics. The main focus of the website is to place the best articles on current issues in one place.
We invite those around the world to send us links to the best articles on the internet that they would like to see on our website or to submit their own original content for publication. Please see our “Editorial Guidelines” and “How to Submit Content” sections for more info or you can click on the “Submit Article” link on the top right of this screen.

How to Submit Content/Articles:

Original Unpublished Article – Send your article via our Submit article link on the top right of the website. You will then need to create an account, after which you can post your article. Please note that before your article is live it will be issued into our review list for our editor to verify.

Editorial Guidelines


1) Educate and Inform – iaminpoliticsnews is dedicated to restoring principles of governance at all levels. This newsletter will be used to further this goal through content designed to educate voters on the principles of our Founding Fathers and their application to current political actions and governmental policies.

ORIGINAL CONTENT – will be edited for conformance to the standards of good English and to the standards of first principles.

PRE-PUBLISHED CONTENT and LINKS – will be published as is, in its original form without further editing on our part.

CONTENT – may or may not reflect the views of Iaminpolitics, their affiliates, editorial staff, or this website. Differing points of view will be published without sanction. Our function in these matters is to inform.

STANDARDS FOR PUBLICATION – Content submitted for publication will not be accepted if it contains the following:

RANTS – Unsupported criticism. Ex. “He wants to starve old people.” Criticize the policy, detail the effects, question but do not impugn the motives. If you can quote him saying, “I want to starve old people” you are home free.

NAME CALLING – Ex. He’s a bore. Can you cite an example where he put someone into coma simply by speaking to them?

THREATS – To threaten a person, their family or associates, their reputation or property is not acceptable. Neither is inciting others to do so. Revealing truths, facts about someone which reflects poorly on their character is OK but we will require verification of the facts and the editorial staff may supply context.

FOUL LANGUAGE – We encourage politically aware young people to read CC Tea Party and we will not participate in their corruption.

Additionally, we may receive multiple submissions on a given subject with much duplication of thought. We will publish that content which, in our judgment, will be most meaningful to our readers. If you feel a nuance in your omitted submission is significant, try addressing your issue in a letter to the editor.

OWNERSHIP – Upon receipt, all submissions become the property of Iaminpolitics and may be printed and reprinted by us at will and without notification or compensation. We do not, however, retain exclusive rights to any article and the author is free to submit and/or sell the article to other outlets at will and without notification to Iaminpolitics. All work will be attributed to the original author when known to us unless a request for anonymity is received on the submission. By submitting content to Iaminpolitics the author accepts and authorizes editing of the material without notice. Further by submitting an article to Iaminpolitics it is assumed, unless otherwise stated on the submission, that the submitter is the author and all liability for plagiarism and all other legal issues is assumed by the submitter. Iaminpolitics reserves the right to comment editorially on the content of any submission.

Iaminpolitics strives to adhere to the highest ethical standards. Please direct criticisms and suggestions directly to the editor through out contact form . We reserve the right to change or amend these standards at any time and without notification.


The editorial staff at Iaminpolitics.