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‘Eastwooding’ is born out of Clint Eastwood GOP speech

Go ahead, make my meme.

Hollywood tough guy Clint Eastwood opened up for Mitt Romney Thursday night at the Republican National Convention, in a rambling, off-the-teleprompter speech that at one point had him addressing President Barack Obama — well, an invisible Obama represented by a chair on stage.

At one point, he told the chair-Obama to “shut up.”

The Internet saw Eastwood speaking to an empty chair and responded — and thus, Eastwooding was born.

Unsurprisingly, Eastwooding involves posting a picture online of yourself talking to an empty chair.

A quick search on Twitter for #Eastwooding reveals dozens of photos of empty chairs, people sitting next to empty chairs, dogs beside empty chairs, and more. Likewise, Pinterest and Instagram users took the opportunity to upload images of their furniture, with people or hands lecturing or pointing at their empty kitchen chairs.

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