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Romney, A Better Future Tomorrow

I am an 11 year old boy who has seen what President Barrack Obama policies have  done to this country, how he has affected our economy, with the debt crisis and loss of jobs. I believe Romney can help provide   a better future for tomorrow because he has business sense that Obama lacks.  For one, Romney can use his past business experience to change our economical environment, which can help to reduce the debt crisis and restore jobs to American, and help to return jobs to America.  Obama’s healthcare system is weak and Mitt Romney will change ObamaCare if he get’s into office. Romney plans to reduce medical malpractice, reform Medicare, and provide health insurance for people who have serious illness’/ major accidents etc. thus reforming our healthcare system. Romney will also look to improve various issues we are facing in America like immigration. Obama promised every immigrant a path to citizenship, yet that never happened. I believe Romney can make the dreams of many immigrants come true. 

So whom will you vote for in November?  Vote Romney today! 

Mitt Romney, A Better Future Tomorrow. 

Written by 
Shivanand Singh-Bhairo
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