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Visit our political social networking site by clicking here> is a newly inovative political networking site. Aimed at political audience around the globe, drives political interaction by providing a highly personalized experience around politics and connecting people to politicians and their campaigns around the world. These political experiences are available through multiple platforms, including online, mobile devices, and offline events.
What we believe: “that government is best which governs least”, Thomas Paine.




TO MOTIVATE individuals to defend liberty and our Constitution through their involvement in the political process.


TO EMPOWER individuals to stand united against a national government operating beyond its Constitutional authority.


TO MOBILIZE individuals to assert an influential voice in our Constitutional Republic.


TO ADVOCATE legislation in U.S. Congress by coordinating efforts at the grass-roots level, that is consistent with our principles.


TO ENCOURAGE  people of all races, religions, age groups, civic and political affiliations, and share how they can make a difference in the Tea Party Movement.


TO HOLD elected officials to their oath of office, specifically “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”