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Twitter Firestorm After Actress Stacey Dash Endorses Mitt Romney

Greensboro. NC — Twitter is blowing up after an African American actress endorsed Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

On Sunday, Stacey Dash, who is best known for her role in the ’90’s movie Clueless, tweeted “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney .”

The tweet prompted a slew of insulting tweets targeting Dash. Some of the most vocal critics said Dash shouldn’t support Romney because she’s black.

News 2 spoke with Laron Wise, a former student at NC A&T University, who is not only African American, but also a Romney supporter.

Wise said he’s appalled by the tweets and congratulated Dash for thinking independently.

“Just because someone is black, that doesn’t qualify them. It doesn’t qualify them at all. If it was a (Hispanic) president, it wouldn’t qualify them. Just because Romney’s white doesn’t qualify him. It’s his resume,” said Wise.

Even though a recent WSJ poll found 94 percent of African Americans plan to vote for President Obama, Wise knows who he votes for is up to him.

That’s why he’s defying what history and the public opinion polls, say his vote should be.

Wise, who volunteers for the Romney campaign, is not shy about it, but he gets a lot of flack from his friends.

In fact, he said he doesn’t have one black friend who shares his politics.

According to Wise, some of his peers want to do what’s “socially acceptable”, rather than doing their own research about whose politics actually align with their beliefs, like he has.

“Life is not black and white. So we need to get out of that mind set, period. That has to just die today. We need to focus on who’s going to help us for the future,” said Wise. “I want to be an independent, working man. Black man if you will, but I wouldn’t even say that! I want to be an independent, working American. That’s what I am.”

In the same vein, the recent WSJ poll found 70 percent of Latinos said they plan to vote for President Obama.

The few Romney supporters among them are working to change that.

“Instead of doing the homework and checking the person’s record, what they vote for or against, the candidate’s political record, instead of doing that, they’re going to go with what the crowd goes. They follow the crowd,” said Benny Menjivar, an immigrant from Guatemala.

Both Wise and Menjivar are encouraging voters to take some time to research the candidates, so they know who best represents them, not just the person who looks like them.

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